Why matting? Hygiene

The critical role that matting and/or flooring plays in hygiene management is often overlooked. The good news is that with a bit of planning Plastex can find the perfect solution.

Start as you mean to go on…

A great way to keep your environment clean and thus more hygienic is to use an effective entrance flooring system that helps stop the dirt getting there in the first place. A bit like footwear the key thing is to make sure the matting you choose matches your need. Just as muddy environments need wellingtons, muddy wellingtons need a mat with an aggressive tread pattern, Frontrunner Brush for example. Office shoes and high heels on the other hand would be best served by Frontrunner Plus.

Barefoot and wet side hygiene
If you were an athletes foot germ you'd have to search for quite some time to find a better place to live than by a swimming pool or in a gymnasium changing room floor. The warm, wet environment combined with a plentiful supply of bare human feet could have been purpose designed for the development and transmission of the likes of athletes foot, warts and verrucas.

But what's good for these little nasties obviously isn't quite so good for the customers of the leisure industry. That's why at Plastex we've taken a considerable degree of time and effort in developing our barefoot and wet side range of matting/flooring. Heronrib for example has a fast multi directional draining structure combined with sanitized anti bacterial and fungicidal additives. What this means is Heronrib both helps kill the germs and remove the damp environment they love.

Food for thought…

Of course when it comes to food preparation the need for exemplary cleanliness is self evident, but worry not - Plastex can serve you from soup to cheese. The wider animal fat resistant grid of Herongripa is ideal flooring for wholesale food and meat preparation areas; Griprock provides easy to clean non slip kitchen floors. And when it comes to dispensing, Floorline provides the ideal solution for floors in bars, whilst Pillomat is an effective lining for counters and food and beverage shelving.

Plastex has the answer…
So whatever your need, there's a Plastex flooring product that exactly suits your needs. In fact for any wet/dirty process our combination of certified slip resistance with non-porous materials will help you remove contaminants form the working area and stop transfer to cleaner areas.

The list below will get you started and you can find out more from this website, or if you need advice why not call us. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and we're here to help.