• Scientifically proven to reduce standing fatigue
  • Extra ‘aggressive’ tread for increased slip resistance/very high slip resistant certification
  • Open grid system for rapid self-draining/very high drainage certification
  • Exceptionally hard wearing, hygienic and easy to clean
  • Cushioning, thermal and noise reducing properties
Vynagrip - The Bowling Company

Increase safety, comfort and productivity in the workplace with Vynagrip, a slip resistant, anti-fatigue matting solution which can be relied upon to perform in wide ranging heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.

Standing for prolonged periods of time on hard concrete floors is one of the most common causes of physical fatigue amongst employees. It can lead to a loss of concentration, a downturn in productivity and an increased risk of employee-related accidents. It is also associated with long-term health risks.

Vynagrip provides a comfortable and safe surface which will reduce leg strain and tiredness whilst helping to boost productivity. The results of almost a year of independent, scientific research show that employees are less fatigued when standing on Vynagrip for sustained periods during the working hours. In addition, the cushioning and thermal properties of Vynagrip give added underfoot warmth and comfort whilst helping to absorb underfoot noise and therefore contributing to a quieter working environment,

Vynagrip is made from non-porous, flexible PVC in welded grid format with an above ground height of 15mm 5/8″ for maximum self-draining of liquids and debris. Automatic drainage combined with an extra ‘aggressive’ diamond tread for increased slip resistance make Vynagrip especially effective wherever oil, water, liquid and debris spillages are likely.

Chemical, oil and acid resistant, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use (except in red color) easy to cut to size and install and will contour over uneven surfaces when laid; Vynagrip is the ultimate all round matting solution for wide ranging heavy duty applications.

Vynagrip 15mm 0.6m x 5m 0.6m x 10m RED, BLUE, BLACK
15mm 0.91m x 5m 0.91m x 10m
15mm 1.22m x 5m 1.22m x 10m