• Economical alternative for medium duty applications
  • Significantly reduces standing fatigue
  • Durability and underfoot comfort combined
  • Textured slip resistant wear surface
  • 14mm thickness for extra cushion comfort
6392899_orig Tuff spun deck

An economical alternative yet high performing product, Tuff Spun Wear anti-fatigue matting with 14mm thickness of extra underfoot cushioning comfort and a durable, hard working, slip resistant surface is the matting of choice for medium duty retail and commercial applications. This foam backed product with a pebbled surface layer is an ideal solution for where employees must stand for lengthy periods at service counters, stalls, desks, benches and general locations where prolonged standing is a concern.

The extra cushioning properties of Tuff Spun Wear additionally provide protection to components or items, which may be accidentally dropped. This multi-purpose product is also easy to cut to size and shape plus it will contour over uneven floor surfaces. Available in roll and modules, which in standard format are supplied with convenient sloped edges on 4 sides.

Tuff Spun Wear 14mm 0.6m x 0.91m 0.91m x 18m Dark Grey
14mm 0.91m x 1.5m
14mm 0.91m x3m

Benefits of Plaster Chex

  • Certified wear resistance ASTM 4060: <0.3 gram loss
  • Good slip resistance
  • Extra cushion comfort
  • Quick to install

Features of Plaster Chex

  • Heavy duty top layer
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Embossed pebble surface
  • Increased foam thickness
  • Supplied in 18m rolls or standard modules