• anti-fatigue matting with a ribbed slip resistant surface
  • Tuff Spun also reduces impact noise
  • protects items accidentally dropped
  • A good value
  • hard working
images Tuff spun

An economical anti-fatigue matting manufactured from high quality closed cell PVC foam with a ribbed, slip resistant surface which is ideal for dry areas in industrial workstations, packing areas and processing plants where employees are required to stand for prolonged periods of time at their work.

The excellent fatigue reducing qualities of this good value product make it an all round solution in the general workplace where employees well being is of concern and high productivity levels must be maintained.

Tuff Spun is easy to cut to size and to install. It will naturally contour over uneven floor surfaces whilst beveled edges allow wheeled traffic easy movement and help to prevent slips and trips. The construction of this product also contributes to noise reduction and protects items that are accidentally dropped from damage.

Also available
Tuff Spun Plus in black with yellow edging on 2 sides provides visual impact for work area safety demarcation.

Tuff Spun 9mm 0.6m x 0.91m 0.6m x 18m Grey, Black & Black with yellow strip
9mm 0.91m x 1.5m 0.91m x 18m
9mm 0.91m x 3m 1.22m x 18m
Tuff Spun Plus 9mm 0.6m x 0.91m
9mm 0.91m x 1.5m
9mm  0.91m x 3m 0.91m x 18m

Benefits of Tuff Spun & Tuff Spun Plus

  • Certified wear resistance ASTM 4060: <1 gram loss
  • Good slip resistance
  • Reduces standing fatigue and underfoot noise and protects items accidentally dropped from damage
  • Quick to install

Features of Tuff Spun & Tuff Spun Plus

  • Minimal wear standing foam which will not deaden
  • Ribbed surface
  • Closed cell PVC foam construction
  • Supplied in ​18m rolls or standard modules

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