Plastex’s specialist

With over 50 years of experience of our OEM (UK), customers have been able to meet their specific requirement with the backup of expertise R & D team. So they have developed “special” matting solutions to meet various customer requests, waiting for yours.


Pillomat, a versatile, all-purpose cushioned matting for work and storage surfaces in wide ranging applications

Herongripa, oil & animal fat resistant vinyl grid matting. The ideal solution for safety and comfort in standing areas of food processing.

Zed Land ESD, anti-fatigue matting with electro static dissipative (ESD) properties for working in microwave sensitive  environments.

Heronair Photoluminescent, In case of  electricity failure the photoluminescent strip starts glowing, paving escape route to the occupants.

HVD (Heron Vinyl Duckboard), smooth surface vinyl with a high level of cushioning and drainage for comfort and hygiene; widely used in kennels and veterinary surgeries

PillogriD, crash/drainage matting for wave simulators and surfing machines.

Crossgrip and Crossgrip TPO, all weather safe access roof walkway mats.