Anti-fatigue matting

If you have a specific matting or flooring problem to do with standing fatigue or slip resistance we are likely to be able to offer a solution. We also offer custom made logos or designs on the mats.


Prolonged working at a bench is usually a static, laborious job, which is tiring, especially if the floor is hard. Spillages of grease, liquids, oil and water can also make the floor itself slippery and potentially hazardous. A high performance matting system that combines anti-fatigue and slip resistant properties, with the appropriate degree of underfoot cushioning, will provide a comfortable and safe surface which will reduce standing fatigue and boost productivity.

Production & Sorting Lines

Workers at production lines must either stand or walk up and down the lines which are both tiring and put considerable strain on the lower limbs and back. Installing a safe, anti-fatigue matting solution will help to reduce standing fatigue and relieve back and body strain. In refrigerated areas matting can also provide insulation to protect from the discomfort and fatiguing effects of cold floors.

Operating Machinery

For the health and safety and production reasons, it is essential that machine and control equipment operatives remain alert at all times even though their job necessitates them to stand for lengthy periods. Anti-fatigue matting can reduce standing fatigue so these workers are less tired and capable of concentrating for longer, which in turn improves productivity. In addition, anti-fatigue ‘spark safe’ matting, which repels sparks and hot metal shards, is recommended wherever tools generate heat and sparks.

General Standing Locations

Employees in many industries are required to stand at reception desks and service counters for protracted periods without sitting. Anti-fatigue matting can greatly enhance working conditions and improve the comfort, well being and performance of service staff who must also interact with customers.

Heavy Duty Vynagrip Slip resistance & drainage underneath the mat
Zed Tred Extra slip resistance, extra cushioning
Medium Duty Zed Land Extra comfort & resilience
Zed Chex Multi-purpose, robust
Tuff Spun Wear Extra cushioning, durable
Heronair Self-draining, cushion comfort
Light Duty Floorline Decorative and slip resistant
Tuff Spun Economical for dry areas
Specialist Zed Land ESD Static current dissipative properties
Spark Safe Heat resistance