Zed Chex

Product code: ZCX
Product code: ZCP
  • Versatile, multi-purpose matting for any workplace
  • Robust vinyl wear surface with patented high density foam backing
  • Relieves standing fatigue
  • High slip resistance
  • Superior construction: thermally fused

Designed to reduce fatigue by improving standing posture, Zed Chex is a slip resistant, hard wearing and extremely versatile, multi-purpose matting for wide ranging applications where employees are required to stand at their job.

Zed Chex has a highly durable, checkerplate vinyl wear surface, which is thermally fused onto a patented foam base of high molecular density. This high quality foam of superior resilience induces natural muscle flexing to stimulate the normal cyclic muscular contractions, which are impeded when a person is continually standing. These contractions are essential for the effective circulation of blood around the body and alleviate standing fatigue symptoms such as discomfort, tiredness and loss of concentration. In addition, the 'bounce' properties of the foam enhance underfoot comfort.

Chemical, oil and acid resistant, Zed Chex has excellent slip resistant and good fluid drainage making it the ideal all round matting solution.

Zed Chex Plus
Also available, Zed Chex Plus with yellow edging to increase visual safety in any area of the workplace.

Zed Chex 13mm (1/2") 60 x 91 (2' x 3') 91 x 150 (3' x 5') 91 x 300 (3' x 10')
  13mm (1/2") 91 x 600 (3' x 20') 18m roll x 91 (60' x 3')
Zed Chex Plus 13mm (1/2") 60 x 91 (2' x 3') 91 x 150 (3' x 5') 91 x 300 (3' x 10')
  13mm (1/2") 91 x 600 (3' x 20') 18m roll x 91 (60' x 3')