Matting for Industrial

Manufacturing and production areas in the industrial workplace are challenging environments where different production processes generate varying quantities of waste, dirt and grime.

Plastex, therefore, offers a wide range of mattings to ensure that the differing requirements from the heaviest duty to the lightest duty environments are met. These high performance and extremely effective matting solutions provide differing degrees of: wear, slip-resistance, fluid drainage, fatigue resistance, comfort underfoot, component protection, electrical and chemical resistance, noise reducing properties and multi-purpose functions to ensure that the most appropriate product for each and every application is available.

Important facts
  • Plastex tests its industrial and commercial products to International standard DIN 51130
  • Flexible grid and cushion foam products reduce breakages and damage
  • Thermoplastic composition products provide essential resistance to chemicals and oils in heavy duty applications
  • Flexible composition products absorb and dissipate noise, whilst protecting the floor below
Typical applications include:
Manufacturing sites
Production and assembly lines
Machinery shops and welding stations
Processing plants

Work stations
Warehousing & storage
Packing lines
Food production and handling areas
Industrial kitchens
Bench tops
Durability: The quality of the raw material combined with the method of manufacture effects the longevity of the product
Extra Durability: Grid products are constructed using welding technology that creates joints which are stronger than the material they are made from
Heavy duty matting applications
Products we recommend:
Flexigrid 'The 'Big' matting system for the most challenging heavy duty applications with an extra aggressive, slip resistant tred and maximum fluid drainage

Vynagrip The UK's highest rated slip resistant matting with maximum drainage. This product is also scientifically proven to reduce standing fatigue

Firmagrip Effective, close mesh matting with a high degree of slip resistance and fluid drainage designed for where small wheeled traffic is in use

Herongripa Animal fat resistant, anti-fatigue and slip resistant matting: ideal for the food processing industry
Medium industrial matting applications
Products we recommend:
Heronair Fatigue reducing, slip resistant, tubular cushion matting for maximum underfoot comfort in working environments

Plastex Grid Easy 'lock fit' connecting, heavy duty rigid tiling in a choice of closed grid format and open grid format for where drainage is required

Flexi Tred Multi-purpose, very hard wearing sheet vinyl matting with textured rib pattern for extra slip resistance and underfoot comfort

Flexi Button Very easy to clean, heavy duty deep studded matting with a slip surface that is suitable for light spillages
Light industrial matting applications
Products we recommend:
Floorline - Decorative and soft, air-cushion pocketed matting with slip resistance and good anti-fatigue properties

Pillomat Light, tubular constructed cushion matting, which resists contamination, allows air to circulate and absorbs impact. Ideal for working surfaces, shelves and compartment linings

Flexi Line Oil and chemical resistant vinyl alternative to rubber runners for use beside or on work surfaces. Its dense composition helps to deaden noise

Flexi Ridge Hardwearing, easy to clean ribbed matting providing good scruff resistance and excellent component protection

Flexi Dot Attractive, contemporary small 'dot' pattern, multi-purpose matting in roll format for quick and easy coverage of large areas.