Grip Rock

Versatile commercial matting that rocks!
  • Unique 'rock' surface
  • High slip-resistance even in water, grease and oil
  • Extremely tough and durable
  • Lightweight and thin
  • Easy to handle, clean and maintain
Grip rock is tested to DIN 51130 and assessed at R13, the highest slip resistance rating (>40 degree incline).

The unique combination of textured ceramic beads and crushed garnets gives a surface of incredible slip resistance - even in conditions where water, oil and grease may be spilled. Not only that, it's durable, thin, easy to clean and move. In fact it's perfect for all commercial catering needs. Despite being only 3mm (1/8") thick it has three layers, the tough grippy rock surface is backed by a fibreglass middle layer for strength and polyurethane backing to provide grip to most floor surfaces.

This is an important development in kitchen safety where slips and trips cause 75% of all reported serious injuries.

Grip Rock Module 3 (1/8") 91 x 152 (3' x 5')
Grip Rock Roll 3 (1/8") 12m x 91cm