Flexi Button

product code: FXB
  • Attractive, deep stud matting to enhance any area
  • Hard wearing for heavy duty applications
  • Easy to clean, slip resistant surface
  • Suitable for light spillages, chemical, oil and acid resistant
  • Convenient roll format

Flexi Button is part of the comprehensive Flexi Mat range of sheet vinyl comprising products with various surface patterns to provide different performance features that meet the broad requirements of most applications.

Hardwearing for heavy duty applications, Flexi Button has a deep studded surface which is specially formulated to cope with occasional spillages whilst the circular design facilitates easy to cleaning.

Slip resistant and also resistant to chemical, oils and acid, Flexi Button is an attractive and practical flooring solution for wide ranging commercial and medium duty industrial applications.

Flexi Button 3.3mm 1/8" 20m 66' x 98cm 38"
  Blue, Dark Grey and Black as standard colors