• Tough vinyl, resistant to animal fat
  • Wide open grid allows waste to fall through
  • Underfoot safety and comfort for standing areas
  • Hard wearing, long lasting
  • Easy to install roll format

Herongripa is a resilient vinyl matting, which is highly resistant to animal fat and has good slip resistance, fluid drainage and fatigue-reducing properties.

Designed predominantly for the food processing industry, it provides a safe and warm matting for workers to stand on, whilst animal fat deposits will not adversely affect the surface.

Herongripa is made from a very hardwearing and long lasting vinyl in a widely spaced open grid format, which allows any waste or by-products to simply fall through the matting. This feature keeps standing areas free of potentially slippery and hazardous matter and contributes to the maintenance of a hygienic environment in food production areas.

Available in convenient roll format, this product is easy to cut to shape and to install. It will also automatically contour over uneven surfaces to provide a smooth and even finish.

Herongripa 15mm 0.6m x 5m 0.6m x 10m Terracotta
15mm 0.9m x 5m 0.91m x 10m
15mm 1.22m x 5m 1.22m x 10m
Accessories Flexible PVC Edging roll, 1.22m x 5m width x 1.22m x 10m length + welding paste.

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