• Open ribbed, solid back construction
  • Close recess grid construction with 14mm height.
  • Cross flow underneath the mat facilitate easy drainage
  • Heel and wheel proof
  • Roll format ensures minimum of seams and speed of installation
frrxt001-wib-h_orig Frontrunner XT

With all the features of Frontrunner, Frontrunner XT has an extra aggressive, deep etched tread to give additional underfoot traction in outdoor applications and to remove the heaviest amounts of undershoe dirt and debris.

Frontrunner XT has therefore been successfully used where walkways and entrances are prone to becoming slippery and hazardous in wet conditions, and in particular on hardwood decking, bridges and general outdoor pedestrian areas.

By installing this high quality product, outdoor premises have been able to remain open when the inclement weather of winter months might otherwise have forced them to close. The additional slip resistance of Frontrunner XT therefore keeps walkways and entrances safer underfoot in all year round conditions and makes claims from slips and trips less likely.

Frontrunner XT 14mm 0.6m x 10m Black, Dark Grey,
Slip resistance certification  DIN 51130:R11 14mm 0.91m x 10m  Oxford Blue
Slip resistance certification  DIN 51130:V10 14mm 1.2m x 5m

Benefits of Frontrunner XT

  • Certified slip resistance DIN 51130: R12
  • Excellent drainage DIN 51130: V10
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Seamless, quick and easy installations
  • Easy to cut on site, contours to uneven surfaces
  • Heel and wheel-proof

Features of Frontrunner XT

  • Diamond cut pattern
  • Two layer open grid construction
  • EN 13501 – 1 : 2007– Bfl – S1
  • Can be rolled up or lifted for cleaning
  • Supplied in 10m (33′) rolls – Modules also available
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Close mesh grid matting

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