• The ultimate clean, scrape and dry entrance flooring system
  • 75 color combinations to complement any interior design scheme and enhance entrances
  • Slip resistant, heel proof and suitable for wheelchairs and walking sticks (Compliant with UK Disability Discrimination Act )
  • Sound absorbing and suitable for use with security tagging systems
  • Colorful logos can be easily incorporated to endorse branding
comp008-akr-h_orig Frontrunner Plus

Widely acclaimed Frontrunner Plus, in 75 color combinations, is the ultimate all-in-one ‘clean, scrape and dry’ entrance flooring system. Disabled friendly, it complies with the UK Disability Discrimination Act, demonstrating its suitability for wheelchair access and walking stick users. It is also heel proof.

A high performance entrance system, Frontrunner Plus has special absorbent inserts within its vinyl grid construction to eliminate shoe moisture and keep internal floors safe and dry. This special feature combined with the removal of grit and dirt from shoes and wheels, which then automatically fall though the open grid of the product, prevents dirt and moisture being transferred inside the building. As a result of this highly effective duo of benefits, even the busiest pedestrian trafficked areas will look pristine for longer and be safer underfoot. Additionally, interior floorings will be protected from the damaging ingress of debris into the surface whilst maintenance and cleaning costs can be significantly reduced.

Designed exclusively for indoor applications, and installed extensively in retail, commercial, health and educational establishments, Frontrunner Plus can be used in many attractive and creative ways to give added impact to entrances. By also adding customized logo panels, a highly visible branding message, or welcoming design, can be featured where that all important ‘first impression’ entrance counts.

Frontrunner plus comes in a convenient roll format for easy coverage of large areas. It is quick to install, easy to cut to the required shape and will accommodate revolving doors or curved areas. Due to the flexibility of the product, it also contours over uneven floor surfaces and irregular sub floors, whilst helping to deaden underfoot noise. Its all vinyl construction is also fully compatible with underfloor security systems.

Low Profile Frontrunner Plus
Providing a convenient solution for new build and particularly refurbishment projects, where matting is to be installed alongside existing, or specified floorcoverings, Low Profile Frontrunner, available in 10mm  height, will correspond with the standard height of ceramic floor tiles and carpeting. For use with or without edging, Low Profile Frontrunner provides an easy, neat and cost-effective method of replacing sections of tiles or carpet with a slip resistant, self-cleaning entrance dirt barrier. It is therefore ideal for refurbishment applications.

Frontrunner Plus 14mm 0.6m x 10m 0.8m x 1.2m Dark grey, Dark Brown
14mm 0.91m x 10m 1m x 1.5m Black, Holly Green
14mm 1.2m x 5m  1.1m x 2m Oxford Blue
Low Profile 10mm 0.6m x 10m Absorbent inserts are available in different colours
10mm 0.91m x 10m
10mm 1.2m x 5m

Benefits of Frontrunner Plus

  • High soil removal & slip resistance
  • Excellent drainage
  • Maximum moisture removal
  • Fire resistant
  • Easy to maintain
  • Seamless, quick and easy installations
  • Easy to cut on site, contours to uneven surfaces
  • Heel and wheel-proof
  • Reduces the need of a matwell
  • Enhanced branding or styling

Features of Frontrunner Plus

  • Diamond cut pattern
  • Two layer open grid construction
  • Absorbent inserts
  • EN 13501 – 1:2007 – Cfl-S2 & ASTM E648: Class 1
  • Can be rolled up or lifted for cleaning
  • Supplied in 10m (33′) rolls – Modules also available
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Close mesh grid matting
  • Available in a low profile 10.5mm (13/32″) option
  • Up to 50 different colour combinations available

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