• Bare foot comfort & safety mat
  • Soft cushioned surface reduces breakages
  • Slip resistant, can be used in wet areas
  • Reduces standing fatigue
  • Open grid dissipates spillages and facilitates efficient drainage
  • Multi-purpose economical product: easy to handle and easy to clean

Soft underfoot and decorative to look at, yet hard wearing in light duty applications, Floorline is an ideal matting solution which can be used in wet areas where slip resistance is required with fatigue reducing properties.

Floorline is of hollow tubular PVC construction, which makes it light, easy to handle and simple to roll up for cleaning purposes. In addition, the cushioning effect of Floorline will reduce the risk of damage to items that are accidentally dropped whilst its open grid format dissipates spillages and permits easy and efficient drainage. This effective combination makes this a popular matting for clubs, restaurants, bars and hospitality areas where staff have to stand, spills are likely and breakages possible.

Economical and multi-purpose, Floorline matting also has wide ranging usage in other light industrial and commercial applications where an attractive, slip resistant and cushioned matting with a hard wearing surface is required. Because it is lightweight and easily handled for storage it can be equally well used in seasonal premises,occasional purposes or for regular use.

This versatile matting is easy to cut to size and shape, can be loose laid and will contour over uneven floor surfaces.

Floorline 6mm 0.6m x 10m Red, Blue, Green
6mm  0.91m x 10m White,Beige

Benefits of Floorline

  • Certified slip resistance DIN 51130: R11 –
  • DIN 51097: C – ASTM 1677: 1./0.8
  • Excellent drainage DIN 51130: V10
  • Excellent hygiene
  • Easy to cut on site, contours to uneven surfaces
  • Quick to install
  • UV resistant
  • Fire resistant
  • Enhanced branding or styling

Features of Floorline

  • Etched surface
  • Open grid construction
  • Anti-microbial & anti-fungal additives
  • Made from flexible PVC
  • Supplied in 10m rolls
  • Can be used indoor or outdoor*
  • Certified EN 13501: Cfl – S1
  • 5 standard colours